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Welcome to the metroburb. A place to live, work, play. This is the future. This is Bell Works.


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The #AtWork Series

View the complete #AtWork series, where we show you how we live, work and play.

Summer with the Works 2019

#MyBellWorks | Paola Zamudio

Bell Works Chicago

Find Your Place

Bell Market | A Place To Market

Atomic Veggies | A Place To Collaborate

WorkWave | A Move For Growth

STOPit | A Place For Growth

Defined Spaces | A Place To Create 

SPACES | What Is A Metroburb?

SPACES | Office

SPACES | Retail

SPACES | Events

2018 Recap

2017 Recap

2016 Recap

2018 Fireworks At Bell Works

2017 Fireworks At Bell Works

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